Raise IT

OS X | Windows | Linux | Support | Administration | Consultancy

We understand

We understand the challenges you face with your IT needs. We know that not one job is the same. Our expertise lies in OS X, Windows and Linux and the countless pieces of software and services running on them. For every situation and task we will carefully consider the best solution helping you to avoid the pitfalls of random IT forums and endless discussions on what the best operating system / client / server is… after all, there isn't any just one.

We listen

Two decades of passion, drive and willingness to be the best has taught us that IT is more than fixing the problem at hand. We know the importance of relationships. Being able to listen, assess and understand the needs of our clients at any level; be it IT professionals, or juniors. We have honed our skills on being able to speak the right language for the best communications. After all, we are all people… and like you, every day we are eager to learn and improve and we pass that knowledge and experience onto our clients.

We deliver

We assure your confidence in delivering the right solutions and where necessary, manage your unique project through our network of experts. We work with you to plan, schedule and implement work within realistic timeframes, maximizing your resource to achieve your projects requirements no matter the size. No project or job is done until you are completely satisfied.